Astec Maxi Sneaker D Parts

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Engine Parts

Engine Mounting 
Intake and Muffler 
Air Filter

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Fuel and Throttle Parts

Fuel Tank and Filter
Throttle Cable

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Electrical and Battery Parts

Battery and Cables
Electrical Diagram
Plow Electrical Harness
Switches and Gauges
Neutral Start Switch System
Neutral Start Switch

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Steering Controls and Hydraulics

Directional Controls
Hydraulic Pumps, Steering Cylinder and Valve
Steering / Lift Valve Repair Parts
Steering Cylinder Seal Kit

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Driving Hydraulics, Transmission, Rims and Brakes

Hydraulic Diagram (Serial Numbers RTMSXX76315 And After)
Hydraulic Filter
Ground Drive Pump and Motor
Ground Drive Pump Housing, Input Shaft and Piston Parts
Ground Drive Pump End Cap and Gerotor 
Ground Drive Motor Repair Parts
Axle to Transmission
Transmission Parts 
Drive Shaft Parts
Drive Axle Parts
Dual Wheel Parts
Parking Brake
Brake Caliper Parts

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Trencher Hydraulics

Trencher Valve to Hydraulic Motor
Attachment Lift Control
Selector Valve to Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
Trencher Drive Motor 188974A1 Repair Parts
Lift Cylinder H504076 Repair Parts
Selector Valve H672689 Repair Parts
Trencher Control Valve Repair Parts

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Bore Head Drive Hydraulics

Hydra Borer Valve to Motor
Hydra Borer Control Valve Repair Parts
Hydra Borer Hydraulic Motor Repair Parts

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Vibratory Plow Hydraulics

P40 Valve, Cylinder and Motor (Before PIN RTMSXX76315)
P40 Plow Motor Repair Parts
P40 Lift Cylinder Repair Parts
P40 and P75 Control Valve Repair Parts
P75 Valves
P75 Swing and Lift Cylinder
P75 Valve To Motor (Before PIN RTMSXX76315)
P75 Control Valve Repair Parts
P75 Lift Cylinder Repair Parts
P75 Swing Cylinder Repair Parts
P75 Plow Motor Repair Parts
P75 Lockout Valve Repair Parts

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Frame and Trencher Parts

Main Chassis, Hood and Seat
ROPS and Seat Belt
Trencher Frame and Drive System
Trencher Boom Parts
Safety Bar
Trencher Teeth
Trencher Chain Assemblies

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Hydra Borer Frame and Parts

Hydra Borer Mounting
Universal Joint
Bore Rod Leveler
Rod and Reamer

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Vibratory Plow Mounting and Parts

P40 Plow Shaker Box and Mounting Frame
P40 Plow Lift Cylinder and Cutting Frame
P40 Shaker Box Repair Parts
P75 Swing Tower, Lift Arm and Skid Shoes
P75 Shaker Box and Blade Mounting Frame
P75 Shaker Box Repair Parts
Bullet and Mandrel
Standard Pulling Blades and Pulling Parts
Thin Profile Pulling Blades
Chute Vibratory Plow Blades

Astec Maxi Sneaker D Weight Kit and Decals

Weight Kit

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